About Me

Helping You Develop Skills in Amateur Radio & Firearms

I have two passions, Amateur Radio and Firearms Training.  I began my amateur radio career as a teenager and I currently hold an Extra Class.  I am active on HF, VHF, and UHF, with my favorite modes of operation are the HF digital modes (FT8, etc.) and DMR.  I also serve as the Project Manager / Engineer for the Wyoming DMR Project, the coordinator for the Capital City VE Team, and as the lead instructor at Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club.

I am committed to helping you learn everything about Digital Mobile Radio (DMR, aka MotoTRBO).  You’ll find codeplugs for many Motorola, AnyTone, ConnectSystems, and other brands in the download section.  You’ll also find detailed information about the WyDMR Project by clicking on the WyDMR link.

I offer both entry level basic firearm classes as well as more advanced classes focused on personal protection and tactical firearm use.

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