Welcome to my little niche on the web!  I have two hobbies, Amateur “Ham” Radio and everything guns.  I am a certified NRA firearms instructor and have an extreme passion of teaching people who have never shot a gun before.


I’m a true Wyoming native, born and raised.  Except for about twelve years spent in Colorado, I’ve lived here my entire life.  I was first licensed as an Amateur Radio Operator in 1986, under the call of KA7IVF.  Quickly upgraded to General and then after a couple years I upgraded to Advanced.  When the FCC introduced the “vanity call” program, I yearned for a 1×2 call so I began studying for the extra class.  After about 6 months of studying, I passed the Extra class and submitted my request for a new vanity call.  I was granted my first choice and received N7GT, which I’ve held ever since.  I am proud to say that I am a full-fledged Extra having to pass the 20WPM Morse Code exam to obtain my license!

There was a time when I was extremely active on HF, but in 2007 my father passed away and my passion and interest in the hobby went with him.  I would occasionally get on the local VHF/UHF repeaters but without my father to talk to, it wasn’t something I was interested in doing.

Fast forward to 2015…. my friend and fellow ham Jack Mitchell, N7MJ, was encouraging me to get back in to the hobby.  Hoping that it would spark my interest again, Jack suggested I sell all of my “old” equipment to purchase the newest of technology.  I did, and it did!  I chose to try DSTAR, but unfortunately it just wasn’t what I was looking for.  Rob Cleveland (SK), N7EMA, our local Director of Emergency Management, introduced me to DMR.  That did it!  I purchased a Motorola XPR 6550 and couldn’t get enough of this technology.  Rob then asked me to come onboard as the network engineer for the Wyoming DMR Project.  Rob obtained federal funding to implement a statewide Amateur Radio communications system utilizing Motorola’s Digital Mobile Radio (aka MotoTRBO) for emergency amateur radio communications.  Rob had placed a repeater on the air but was at a loss for how to “bring it all together.”  I was overwhelmed by this new digital technology but decided to take the leap forward and accept Rob’s offer.

Over the past two years, we have placed DMR repeaters in Laramie, Buffalo, Rawlins, Rock Springs, and Wheatland with systems pending for Casper and other locations!  These systems are linked together and provide an unparalleled level of clarity to emergency communications.  The sites are linked together and allow for handheld communications between all of them.  The goal of the project is to provide near total radio saturation throughout Wyoming.

I continue my volunteer work with the DMR project and in the amateur radio community as an FCC Volunteer Examiner, ARES/RACES member, and subject-matter-expert in MotoTRBO technology and advancements.

I am also the Webmaster and Social Media Director, as well as the Lead NRA Firearms Instructor, for the Cheyenne Rifle & Pistol Club.

I have been employed by Holland & Hart since 2005 (one of the largest law firm’s in the Rocky Mountains) as a Senior Technical Analyst, providing technology support to our 15 offices throughout the United States.